fall creek and trail at sunriseFall Creek and Trail at Sunrise


Biophilia Press: Nature Photography, Videos, Blog

Biophilia means love of life. It also means an inherent love of other life forms.

Biophilia Press is dedicated to raising awareness about local wildlife and habitat. It explores the beauty of the natural world close to home. We accomplish this through a variety of media including nature photography, video, and writing. We currently offer nature photography prints, including a selection of fine art nature photography prints, as well as boxed sets of photographic note cards. Images include, but are not limited to, wildlife (including birds and animals), tide pools, flowers, landscape, sunrise, and sunset.

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About this site:

The Fine Art Gallery displays twelve images that will be rotated from time to time. These images and others are available in the Store, as prints in various sizes, as well as other items. Initially, the offerings include prints and boxed sets of note cards. Other items such as DVDs/Blu-Ray Discs, tote bags, books, calendars, and other products, will be added to the Store. The Blog page has articles posted, with images and video clips embedded.Topics include natural history, conservation, and photography. From the Contact page you can send comments or ask questions. The Resources page has links to other web sites that you might find both useful and enjoyable, and are related to the theme of this site.

Biophilia Press: Love of Life